I’m alive!

Sorry for the long absence. I have gotten a few new followers during this time so thank you and welcome! I just graduated college this past May and there is a lot of readjustment going on in my life. Usually this time of year I would be busty with multiple art assignments from classes and something  would find it’s way up here. Now I am working two jobs and a lot of my time gets eaten up with that. I am working as a wedding photographer currently which is good! The images just don’t go on this blog though. I also just fixed my computer since my wifi card died for a few weeks.

Anyway I am determined to keep posting. I have a few ideas for a new series of images. I haven’t quite worked out the kinks yet, but I am working on it now and just need time to shoot the images. I am applying to grad school so I need to get my butt in gear! 

Just wanted to update you guys. Thank you for following me despite my infrequent updates!